Ben Affleck & JK Simmons Talk Batman Movie; Joke Matt Damon


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While doing press for The Accountant, both Ben Affleck and JK Simmons, who co-stars with Affleck in the film, offer an update about the Batman movie, which sees Affleck also take a jab at longtime friend Matt Damon.

“For me, it was another example of getting to be a supporting guy,” Simmons told Coming Soon. “And getting to work with Ben again.”

Simmons continues by hinting he’ll be in more movies after Justice League as Ben Affleck is directing the Batman movie.

“I’m trying to wrap my mind around the whole ‘director is god’ thing,” Simmons said. “There might be some of that going on in the future. Wow. What am I in for?”

The article notes Ben Affleck declined to comment on the Batman movie other than it’s “way too far off.” A fellow reporter also questioned how Ben Affleck’s Accountant would do against Batman in battle, with Affleck sidestepping the question by referencing Matt Damon.

“I’ve only ever thought about beating Jason Bourne,” Ben Affleck responded, with the article noting he grinned.

JK Simmons agreed with his fellow Accountant and Justice League co-star: “Oh, you’ll kick his a– for sure.”

Matt Damon previously said that his Jason Bourne would kick the sh-t out of Affleck’s Batman, and just earlier saw Damon rip on Affleck about his Batman chin; however, Matt Damon did say if he was going to be in a super hero movie, it would have to be directed by Ben Affleck.

Justice League has a November 17, 2017 release; the solo Batman movie looks to be around 18 months out, and The Accountant gets released October 14th. 

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