Ben Affleck Confirms The Batman Title Which We First Told You About 4 Years Ago


ben affleck confirms the batman

Over four years ago Cosmic Book News first let it be known through our DC source that the new solo Batman movie would be called “The Batman.”

Our DC source previously filled us in on lots of potential happenings regarding the DC and Justice League movies ranging from giving us Man of Steel scenes, to having Ben Affleck named as the studios’ top choice, to Tyler Hoechlin even being a potential Batman who went on to become the DC CW Superman.

Now in a video while promoting his latest movie, The Accountant, Ben Affleck confirms The Batman.

“The movie I think is going to be called The Batman, Affleck told the AP. “At least that’s what we are going with now. I might change it. I think that’s the best…”

Affleck also says they are still working on the script for The Batman.

“We are wrorking on the script. The script is going well. I’m really excited about it,” Affleck said.

No release date has yet been announced for The Batman, but it’s been said to be about a year-and-a-half away.

Regarding what we’ve been told about The Batman movie, if Man of Steel would have hit a billion dollars, a plan (back when Goyer was still involved) at WB was for Superman and Cavill to spearhead the Justice League movie universe with a younger Batman in his second year of being a hero. We see both Affleck and Hoechlin were contenders for the new Batman, so obviously WB had plans in place for an older Batman (Affleck) and a younger one (Hoechlin) depending what happened with Man of Steel and whether Affleck wanted the role.

We were also previously told The Batman movie would deal with Arkham. The previous plot for The Batman we were told also closely resembles that of Batman Vs. Superman. We were also told The Batman features Batman locked in Arkham, which a recent rumor also mentioned years after we first posted it. You can head on over here to read a full list of the rumors from 2012-ish.