Batwoman and Supergirl ‘Crisis’ Ratings Fall Flat; Loses 500K Viewers


While Batwoman and Supergirl episodes have seen a significant boost because of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the viewership is significantly lower compared to last year’s Elseworld‘s crossover event on The CW.

Sunday’s Part 1 of Crisis on Supergirl drew 1.67 million viewers with a 0.7 rating, while last year’s The Flash episode of Elseworld‘s Part 1 brought in 1.83 million viewers with a .7 rating, a difference of 160K viewers.

Monday’s Part 2 of Crisis on Batwoman brought in 1.69 million viewers with a 0.6 rating, while last year’s Elseworld‘s Part 2 episode on Arrow brought in 2.06 million with a .8 rating, a difference of 370k.

Combined, Crisis has lost a mammoth 530K live viewers, which is surprising as the crossover has been heavily, heavily hyped.

Tom Welling Crisis On Infinite Earths

Fans not happy with Crisis and DC on The CW?

It should be noted that a possible reason for the drastic difference could be streaming, as The CW makes the episodes available the day after they air on TV, but another possibility could be that fans are simply unhappy with the direction of the DC shows on The CW, which has seen ratings and viewership nosedive to record lows for the current season.

Fans are also unhappy with how Crisis handled fan-favorite characters and actors such as bringing back Tom Welling from Smallville and using Kevin Conroy as Batman.

Part 3 of Elseworlds on Supergirl also went on to bring in 2.17 million viewers with a .8 rating.

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