‘Batwoman’ Reveals Batwing


The CW offers a first look at Camrus Johnson who plays Luke Fox as Batwing in the Batwoman series.

Costume designer Maya Mani created the look.

“Honestly, it’s hard to explain how much it means to me to wear the Batwing suit and officially play my first superhero,” said Johnson in a statement. “The main reason I wanted to be in Batwoman was for this opportunity – to give kids like me another black hero to look up to and relate to. It’s hard not to smile when I catch myself in the mirror with the bat symbol on my chest, and I’ll keep smiling through every fight scene, every awesome stunt, and every Gotham night where Batwing is finally in the field!”

Johnson also added on Instagram: “Batwing. The same day that a DC comic book I wrote hit shelves about one of the coolest superheroes ever made, we are officially announcing that I’m about to become that superhero. The first live-action Batwing in history, fighting crime right next to Batwoman. Wow. A dream come true, truly an honor, and a message to every little black boy out there that you can be a hero too. You already are one. @gberlanti @sarahsowitty @carolinedries @davidrapaport @wbpictures @thecw @dccomics @jimmypalmiotti – thank you (now go pick up BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #4 in your local comic book store!! There’s a Batwing story WRITTEN BY BATWING!!!) To the Batfam: I love each and every one of you. You’re the reason that this is possible, so from the bottom of my heart… you are literal perfection.”

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing Batwing since we decided to make Luke Fox a fundamental part of our Bat Team way back in the pilot development stages,” said Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries. “I can speak for Cam when I say, So has he! But this character couldn’t come out of nowhere. We built this character from a deeply personal and complicated Luke story that we began setting up in season 1, and I look forward to unfolding it over the course of season 3.”

“I wanted the Batwing suit to represent the bond between father and son, to show the love and respect that Lucius Fox had for his son, Luke,” said Mani. “It was conceived within the realm of a child’s imagination; the suit is a bit fantastical and based on the whimsy of a young boy’s dream – complete with rocket boosters and hidden bits that pop out! The Batwing suit represents the combined talents of a solid team who all came together and met the many challenges of encompassing lights, moving parts and the need for mobility head on, bringing this character to life.”

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

Batwoman: Camrus Johnson as Batwing:

Batwing Batwoman The CW

Batwing Batwoman The CW

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