Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition May Reveal Suicide Squad Cameo Spoiler


batman vs superman ultimate edition

Update: The footage has hit the net.


Spoilers follow for the Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition extended cut.

Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know as info is revealed for a certain scene in the movie.


The Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition has been released early on a couple of streaming sites, with fans posting spoilers and specifics starting last night.

One scene may reveal that Jesse Eisenberg has a role in Suicide Squad.

We were all pretty much lost in regards to why Lex was acting all goofy at the end of the movie. WB did release that deleted scene, which sort of helped out, but now further details are released in an extended scene that is a part of the Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition.

In the end prison scene, when Batman confronts Lex, Lex makes it clear that he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. Lex tells Batman and laughs/smiles: “Look at us. This is how it all caves in. Civilization. Wayne Manor. Out the window. But who would believe me? I’m insane. I’m not even fit to stand trial.” 

Batman replies, “That’s right. We have hospitals to treat and heal with compassion, but that’s not where you’re going. I arranged for you to be transferred to Arkham Asylum in Gotham.” Lex then stops smiling.

Fans will recall that director David Ayer tweeted a while back of what looked like Jesse Eisenberg on the set of Suicide Squad (see below).

It was also revealed over a year ago that Eisenberg was in talks for Suicide Squad, and Eisenberg also said he would love to do the movie and couldn’t say much because WB wanted to keep things a surprise.