Zack Snyder Rumored To Lose Justice League Control; Adjustments Made Following Batman Vs. Superman


justice league batman vs superman rumors

With Batman vs. Superman getting such mixed reviews, and it now looking likely the movie won’t reach that magic billion dollar mark, the rumors are starting to fly.

The first rumor actually came out prior to the release of Batman Vs. Superman, which stated execs at WB were worried about the film and future of the Justice League universe. Looking back at it now, the rumor may hold merit, and now it’s also suggested Zack Snyder may no longer be in charge of Justice League (see below).

The second rumor – which turned out to be true – is that WB decided to do Suicide Squad reshoots. Now whether it’s to add in more humor like the rumor stated or more action like Jai Courtney offered is unclear, but reshoots are happening nonetheless.

The latest batch of rumors courtesy THR:

A new producer could be brought on to WB DC’s universe to take control over from Zack Snyder:  “…maybe add a new producer? — rather than allow BvS director Zack Snyder to proceed with the two-part Justice League.” However, the article notes: “But sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation say the studio has no such plans.”

(my thoughts: What’s up with Geoff Johns? Certainly he has to realize the movies aren’t in line with the comics, especially what they did with Superman in the last two movies. The bad news: Johns was on “Green Lantern.” The obvious problem could be is that Geoff Johns’ opinions hold no weight. Is anybody listening to Johns at WB?)

It’s rumored Batman Vs. Superman may make little profit:  “…competitors say the film may turn a profit but hardly will be the money gusher studios hope for when they pour massive resources into making a giant tentpole with a big star — with a budget in this case said to be in excess of $300 million, and Ben Affleck.”

DC movies are not like Marvel movies: “The biggest problem is that it is not turning [DC] into Marvel,” a rival studios head is quoted as stating. “The audience has communicated, as have the critics.”

Something is wrong with Batman v Superman:  The movie should be hitting a billion because Batman and Superman are two of the most iconic characters, and Jurassic World did hit a billion:  “…you can’t tell me Batman v. Superman is so much less valuable…” an agent argued.

• WB execs are clueless: “Warner Bros. executives were convinced they had the goods with BvS and were shocked when negative reviews began pouring in.”

(my thoughts: herein may lie the problem: The WB execs are obviously clueless about comic book movies and properties. Did they see the same movie as we did? Why not create a DC writer’s/consultant group consisting of Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, etc.? Use assets from DC properties that are already successful — animated and video game universes.)

• WB is said to dismiss the rumors: but will “naturally evaluate what went wrong with BvS.”

 Regarding Justice League, WB says: “…we’re not going to take a movie that’s supposed to be one thing and turn it into a copycat of something else.”

 “Instability” at WB: is a result of the ouster of Alan Horn (who is seeing huge success at Disney) and Jeff Robinov (who was in charge for the Nolan movies, Harry Potter, etc).