Batman Says To Release The Snyder Cut


Batman says to release the Ayer Cut of the Suicide Squad movie, in a video posted to social media.

“Everybody, it’s Sioux Falls Batman, and we are coming here live to talk to you about one thing and that is release the Ayer’s Cut. We’ve gone online. Thanks to all the people that went and supported the release of the Snyder’s Cut. Now let’s do the same thing and back up the Ayer’s Cut. So go online and petition and let’s help get that our there and release the Ayer’s Cut. Thank you,” said the Dark Knight posted on Twitter.

Sioux Falls Batman Ayer Cut video:

Suicide Squad

Release the Ayer Cut

The Ayer Cut is referring to the version of the 2016 Suicide Squad movie from director David Ayer as it has been said that Warner Bros. executives massively interfered with the movie causing all kinds of changes including completely altering the ending.

Director David Ayer has been supportive of the release of his version of the movie on Twitter as he has spoke about it numerous times. Last month saw Ayer offer that his version was deemed too dark and scenes involving the Jared Leto Joker had to be reshot.

“This was reshot because the tone was ‘too dark’ – My first act was a normally constructed film. I took my inspiration from Nolan,” tweeted Ayer. “There were real scenes with incredible acting between Jared and Margot. Joker was terrifying. Harley was complex.”

I’m guessing AT&T will indeed release the Ayer Cut on HBO Max, as it is basically complete. I’ve been told one of the reasons the Snyder Cut got greenlit is because of the shutdowns surrounding the coronavirus and studios needing content, so since projects like the Snyder Cut and Ayer Cut are basically already finished, it’s a no-brainer to release them.