Batman Producer Shuts Down Kevin Smith: Update: Smith Replies

Michael Uslan takes to social media about the Batman Beyond movie.

Michael Uslan takes to social media about the Batman Beyond movie.

Batman Producer Shuts Down Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith lied. He-Man died. Well, now Smith appears to be back at it, perhaps smoking too much of that wacky stuff.

Following the release of The Flash movie, Kevin Smith has made claims about Batman, which sees longtime Batman producer Michael Uslan respond on social media.

Kevin Smith has claimed that if The Flash would have been a success at the box office (it mega-bombed) that a Michael Keaton Batman Beyond movie would have been greenlit. Previous rumors offered The Flash would have led to Michael Keaton mentoring the likes of Batgirl — not Terry McGinnis.

Smith also claims that Christian Bale was first approached for the end scene in The Flash and that Bale turned it down after multiple requests (Bale probably learned his lesson while working with Marvel on Thor: Love and Blunder) so they went and got George Clooney to do the scene.

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Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

Following the claims by Kevin Smith, Michael Uslan, who has been producing Batman since the first Michael Keaton movie released in 1989, posted an Abraham Lincoln meme on Instagram that says, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

“To my Bat-friends, fans, and family, this is my favorite applicable quote found on the internet,” posted Uslan.

A fan questioned in the comments, “Does this have anything to do with Kevin Smith saying there was going to be a Batman Beyond movie if The Flash was a box office success?”

Michael Uslan confirmed, “That’s one!”

Update: Kevin Smith replied to us on Twitter:

“Then he needs to shut down his son David, as that’s who told me that story at @theFlash premiere,” tweeted Smith.

Note: As of 7/13, I’ve also been told by a DC insider that there were plans for Batman Beyond, so Kevin Smith, I believe, is correct.

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Update #2: Kevin Smith clarified his comments on Christian Bale stating, “It was just conjecture, not inside information.”

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Original article continues:

Kevin Smith also found himself in the hot seat when he made those claims about Nicolas Cage being up to play Bizarro in his canceled Strange Adventures HBO Max series, which were not true at all.

Regardless of what Kevin Smith says, The Flash movie is one of the worst superhero movies of all time and dropped a massive 72% in its second weekend at the box office after bombing in its debut, and reportedly, Michael Keaton was scrapped at the end of The Flash by James Gunn so it seems unlikely a Batman Beyond movie is happening anytime soon.

Kevin Smith’s Batman claims about Batman Beyond and Christian Bale:

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