Batman ‘Batwheels’ Animated Series Adds Legion Of Zoom

Brand-new animated action-adventure comedy series aimed at preschoolers starring some of the most famous vehicles to ever put the pedal to the metal.


Warner Bros. Animation has revealed the Legion of Zoom, the villains, art, and a new poster for the upcoming Batman Batwheels animated series coming to Cartoon Network and the HBO Max streaming service.

Making up the good guys includes Ethan Hawke as Batman, Jacob Bertrand (Cobra Kai) voices Bam, Leah Lewis is Batgirl, Kimberly Brooks is the voice of the Bat Computer, Mick Wingert is Moe, Lilimar is the voice of the Batwing, Noah Kaye Bentley voices Buff, A.J. Hudson is Duke Thomas, Madigan Kacmar voices Batgirl’s motorcyle, and Jordan Reed is Redbird.

Making up Batman’s rogue gallery includes Gina Rodriguez as Catwoman, Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai and Blue Beetle) as Mr. Freeze’s Snowy the Snowcrawler, and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Squarepants) plays Crash, Badcomputer’s robotic minion. Snowy and Crash are among the Legion of Zoom, a team of sentient vehicles brought to computerized life by Badcomputer, the new ultimate computer of the DC Universe, with additional villains including Mick Wingert (the Joker), Chandni Parekh (Harley Quinn), Sungwon Cho (the Riddler), Jess Harnell (Penguin), Regi Davis (Mr. Freeze) and James Arnold Taylor (Toyman).

In addition to Maridueña and Kenny, the Legion of Zoom consists of Griffin Burns as Prank, the Joker’s favorite ride; Alexandra Novelle as Jetstah, Harley Quinn’s souped-up ATV;  Josey Montana McCoy as Quizz, Riddler’s helicopter; Ariyan Kassam as Ducky, Penguin’s boat; and Sungwon Cho as Badcomputer (via THR).

Batwheels Legion of Zoom: 

Batman Batwheels Legion of Zoom

Batwheels villains:

Batman Batwheels villains

Batwheels gets released this Fall on Cartoon Network and on HBO Max

Batwheels is a brand-new animated action-adventure comedy series aimed at preschoolers starring some of the most famous vehicles to ever put the pedal to the metal. True to its title, the series turns its focus to the many vehicles that aid the Bat-Family in their fight against crime. The Batwheels are a team of sentient super-powered crimefighting vehicles that help Batman, Robin and Batgirl—as well as a host of additional DC Super Heroes—keep Gotham City safe. Created only recently by the Batcomputer, our mechanized heroes are essentially kids with little to no life experience—in other words, young heroes who are not unlike the preschool audience Batwheels is designed for.

Led by Bam (The Batmobile), the Batwheels also consist of Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Red (The Redbird), Jett (The Batwing) and Buff (The Bat Truck). The fledgling team must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super-team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid. Batwheels promises to be a relatable and aspirational series that will follow the journey of this unique new team as they thrill and entertain with their heroic adventures while demonstrating to kids the value of self-confidence, friendship and teamwork.

Batwheels is produced by Warner Bros. Animation with Register (Looney Tunes Cartoons) serving as the show’s executive producer. Michael G. Stern (Doc McStuffins) will serve as co-executive producer, Simon J. Smith (Baymax Dreams) as supervising producer and Steven Fink of Bang Zoom Ltd. as producer.

While there have been many iterations of the Batmobile over the years, Batwheels is the first show to make it sentient, promising a unique take on one of Batman’s coolest toys. That it also features other fan-favorite vehicles, like the Redbird and Batwing, just makes the whole thing more fun, and uniquely suited to the young audience Batwheels is aimed at.

The show is coming this Fall.

Batwheels – Official Sneak Peek Teaser Trailer:

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Batwheels poster:

Batman Batwheels poster

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