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Batman #22 Is Awesome

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/03/2017 - 12:08 COMMENT

Batman #22 is out today, which is Part 3 of "The Button" story!

And it's another awesome issue from DC Comics!

Spoilers follow!

The issue starts out just before last issue (Flash #21) which finished with Batman and The Flash arriving in Thomas Wayne's Batcave in the Flashpoint universe!

Thomas Wayne gives us a quick rundown of the events from Flashpoint, but fills us in that Aquaman and Wonder Woman have now partnered to take him down, and also that the Flashpoint universe never ceased to exist when The Flash went back to the regular DC universe leading to the deaths of millions!

Thomas Wayne is getting ready to blow the Batcave and Wayne Manor to smithereens along with Aquaman and Wonder Woman's forces (and himself!)--when Batman and The Flash appear!

It's a touching tear-jerking story as father and son are reunited!

The Flash reveals that something or someone is keeping the Flashpoint universe alive, which interestingly enough is now vibrating as if it is a regular part of the DC Universe!

However, they don't have time to do much chitchat as Aquaman and Wonder Woman's forces are quickly making their way to the trio--so father and son Batman decide to team up!

As the Flash fixes the Cosmic Treadmill, whoever had their hold on the Flashpoint Universe has let go, and Flashpoint is quickly becoming no more! They need to escape--otherwise the Cosmic Treadmill will leave Flashpoint by itself, and leave Batman and The Flash behind!

Bruce begs his father to come with them, but Thomas Wayne does not and pushes Bruce onto the Cosmic Treadmill telling The Flash to fulfill his promise about saving his son! 

Thomas then tells Bruce to give up being Batman!

In a heartfelt speech, Thomas Wayne tells Bruce to be the father he never could!

Why? Because Bruce also told Thomas Wayne that he is a grandfather! The one thing that Bruce wanted to tell Thomas Wayne after reading the Flashpoint letter!

As Bruce and The Flash disappear on the Cosmic Treadmill, Thomas Wayne puts on his cowl one last time to take on the dissolution of the Flashpoint universe!

We're not done quite yet, though!

As Batman and The Flash make their way through the timestream, a yellow figure can be seen behind them! It's the Reverse Flash! And he's holding The Button!

Batman points out that it's the Reverse Flash before he died (in Batman #21)! The Flash yells at Reverse Flash, telling him to stop or he will die! Reverse Flash says he can't slow him, and and that he knows who has the power of the button!

Reverse Flash then says, "And they never faced someone like me!"

And that's it!

However, as we already read Batman #21: Or so the Reverse Flash thought as we already know he dies!!

Another great issue!

4.5 stars!

Writers: Josh Williamson and Tom King

Art: Jason Fabok