Avengers X-Men Movie Now Closer Than Ever

Avengers X-Men Movie Now Closer Than Ever

An Avengers and X-Men movie is now closer to ever to becoming a possibility.

It’s reported by Deadline that Disney purchasing Fox Studios may be imminent as reportedly talks have resumed between the two companies.

Three weeks ago saw it reported that Disney was interested in purchasing Fox Studios; however, it was stated talks between the two had cooled off, with a separate report then stating other companies were interested in Fox Studios as well.

Today’s report now claims sparks are rekindling between Disney and Fox as a “juicy rumor” is “fast gaining steam in town” offering that “Disney is progressing speedily toward that rumored acquisition of Fox.”

It’s noted Disney would acquire the Fox movies and TV, with Fox retaining their sports and news properties.

Of course the X-Men and Fantastic Four are a part of Fox Studios, which also includes Deadpool and Wolverine.

It’s possible if Disney does indeed purchase Fox Studios that those properties could be integrated into the MCU.

With the release of tomorrow’s Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Disney and Marvel Studios did confirm that following the 2019 release of Avengers 4, the MCU would be a lot different, and that they currently have plans for upwards of 20 movies.

Perhaps the MCU Phase 4 plans will include X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool films?