Arrow & The Flash Concept Art Includes Stephen Amell, Ragman, Jesse Quick & More


arrow flash concept art

DC’s Ragman is now a part of Team Arrow, played by Joe Dinicol. Likewise, Jesse Quick is a new speedster on The Flash, played by Violett Beane.

Check out concept art for Ragman and Jesse Quick shared by artist Andy Poon on Instagram. Poon also posted additional art for Stephen Amell‘s Arrow, art for Hourman, Kid Flash, The Rival and Black Siren.


Concept of Ragman for Arrow season 5. I did’t know a thing about Ragman when I first worked on him, but he now became one of my favorite character on the show. He is pretty badass with his soul suit that almost acts like Spawn’s cape and chains. Costume design by Maya Mani. Ragman/Rory Regan played by Joe Dinicol.

Jesse Quick:

With the debut of Jesse Quick and the release the Flash art of book, here is a better look at the Jesse Quick / Trajectory concepts and the variations. Costume design by Maya Mani.