Antje Traue Teases Faora Return


Earlier this morning saw Superman Man of Steel star Antje Traue tease a return to the role of Faora, the bada– Kryptonian soldier she played for Zack Snyder in 2013.

Antje Traue posted a throwback pic of herself on Instagram noting: “in pain #throwback #manofsteel #training #faora.”

A fan commented questioning if she is ever going to return as Faora: “Are you going to come back, or is that a TBT?”

Traue responded: “working on it.” 

Antje Traue Faora

Antje Traue may return as Faora

As far as we know, Faora is still stuck in the Phanom Zone, as the end of Man of Steel saw her and the Kryptonian soldiers imprisoned there, with their general, Zod, killed by Superman, but brought back as a Doomsday in Batman vs. Superman.

Perhaps Faora will or has already escaped and will make her way to Earth?

Possibilities could be that Antje Traue returns as Faora in a Superman Man of Steel 2. While there has been no talk of a sequel, and WB did turn down a pitch from Henry Cavill and director Christopher McQuarrie, perhaps with the success of Joker shows that multiple versions of the same character can be successful. I was told by DC insiders that J.J. Abrams is supposed to recast with a younger Superman that exists within the same universe as the Robert Pattinson Batman, but just maybe two DC universes will exist? Prior to Man of Steel, Zack Snyder actually revealed that was the plan for his Superman, that it was going to be its own thing and not a part of Justice League.

Some other possibilities for Faora could be a return in a Wonder Woman movie: Antje Traue vs Gal Gadot on screen would be pretty epic.

Since Faora may still be stuck in the Phantom Zone, or perhaps has escaped and is somewhere out in deep space, perhaps Antje Traue could appear in a Green Lantern flick, or even Black Adam (Hawkman is rumored, who is from a different planet)? Or just maybe Brainiac is involved?

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