Ant-Man Writer To Direct Mark Waid’s Irredeemable


irredeemable movie Ant-Man Writer To Direct Mark Waid's Irredeemable

It’s announced Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s “Superman-gone-bad” story, Irredeemable, from BOOM! Studios is getting adapted into a feature film by Fox Studios.

Deadline reports Ant-Man writer and Oscar award winner Adam McCay is attached to direct the Irredeemable movie with Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters writer-director Tommy Wirkola writing the script.

BOOM! Studios’ Ross Richie and Stephen Christy are producing with Gary Sanchez’s McKay and Kevin Messick. Adam Yoelin is co-producer for BOOM!

I’ve read every issue of Irredeemable, which is a great read. The series kicked off back in 2009 featuring The Plutonian, who is basically a Superman gone bad — really bad! I wouldn’t be surprised if Irredeemable gets an R-rating. I’ve been wondering if Hollywood was ever going to get to another Superman-type of movie. I thought Mark Millar’s Superior might be the first, but it doesn’t appear to be so.

Congrats to BOOM!, Waid and Krause.

ir 1 Ant-Man Writer To Direct Mark Waid's Irredeemable

You can order the Irredeemable graphic novel through Amazon. Here’s the description:

When the Plutonian, the world’s greatest superhero, snaps and turns into the world’s greatest villain, only his former teammates have a chance at stopping his rampage. But while on the run from the world’s most powerful and angry being, will these former teammates discover his secrets in time? How did he come to this? What became of the hope and promise once inside him? What happens to the world when its savior betrays it? What makes a hero irredeemable? An apocalyptic superhero tale by the author of Empire and multiple Eisner Award winner Kingdom Come! 

Mark Waid is one of comics’ favorite storytellers, having amassed a long list of critically acclaimed hits in his 20-year career and writing such iconic characters as Superman, Captain America, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. Waid earned a legion of fans because his stories tended to ground seemingly infallible heroes, and in titles like DC’s Kingdom Come, Gorilla Comics’ Empire, and BOOM! Studios’ own Irredeemable, he showed the other side of what it’s like to wear the capes and tights. We are proud to present Waid’s award-nominated Irredeemable in a new collection of oversized, deluxe hardcovers for existing and new fans to enjoy!