Andy Muschietti Launches Horror Label: What About Batman?

Fans are questioning if Muschietti is still taking on Batman for James Gunn in the DCU.

andy muschietti horror label nocturna batman


  • Andy and Barbara Muschietti are launching a new horror label called Nocturna
  • Nocturna will focus on producing two high-quality genre films per year for global audiences
  • Andy Muschietti has not yet committed to his next feature, including the Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold

Andy Muschetti and sister Barbara are launching a new horror label, so what does that say about his Batman movie at James Gunn’s DCU, Brave and the Bold?

Muschietti was announced on Brave and the Bold prior to the release of The Flash, which massively bombed at the box office and with fans.

Recently also saw the news that Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2 has been delayed a year until October 2026. James Gunn previously said he wouldn’t release Brave and the Bold around the same time as Reeves’ movie.

So doing the math, Brave and the Bold doesn’t look to be getting released until at least 2027.

There is also the possibility that Warner Bros. Discovery could be sold (is that the real reason for Reeves’ own Batman 2 delay???), so who knows what DC films will look like by then?

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Andy and Barbara Muschietti launch horror label “Nocturna”

THR announces that along with Skydance Media, Andy and Barbara Muschietti are launching their own horror label, Nocturna. Prior to The Flash, Muschietti directed the two IT movies (first one is awesome) and Mama, so the Muschiettis are right at home with horror.

The report says, “The focus of Nocturna will be on high quality, genre features for global audiences in both theatrical and streaming, with the goal of producing two films per year.”

Already in the works from the label includes: “They Will Kill You, written by Kirill Sokolov and Alex Litvak, with Sokolov, who wrote and directed the 2019 black action comedy Why Don’t You Just Die!, attached to direct.” 

The announcement also adds that “the division will be run by Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder, who will act as co-heads of film” — so we see that Andy Muschietti isn’t directing anything for the new label, at least not right away and is serving more as a studio exec/producer. 

Muschietti also has the IT TV series spinoff, Welcome To Derry, in the works (heard good things about it last Comic-Con).

dcu batman brave and the bold

Have not yet committed to their next feature

Regarding the DCU’s Batman movie, THR’s report only says the following about Andy and Barbara Muschietti:

While they are developing a Batman movie called The Brave and the Bold at DC Studios, the duo have not yet committed to their next feature.

So we see Andy Muschietti apparently hasn’t committed to anything yet, including Gunn’s version of Batman for the DCU.

Again, it makes sense, as it seems to be years away.

I’ll also touch upon the chatter – particularly by the Reddit shills – that it could mean Andy Muschietti is off of Brave and the Bold where they blame the poor performance of The Flash.

It’s my understanding from speaking with insiders that both Gunn and Muschietti knew the theatrical release of The Flash wouldn’t do well, which I believe is because of cuts mandated by Zaslav.

I know the VFX went unfinished and we all know the ending was changed and there was a much bigger plan for The Flash movie than what we saw.

I’m guessing Muschietti’s reward for throwing himself on the proverbial grenade is directing Brave and The Bold, hence why they announced it before the release of The Flash and not because they thought The Flash would be this huge success.

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