The Batman 2 Release Date Pushed Back A Year

Matt Reeves appears to be still writing the script which fits with what Jeffrey Wright recently said.

batman 2 release date pushed back year


  • Warner Bros.has delayed the release of The Batman: Part II by a year due to the strikes involving writers and actors
  • Director Matt Reeves has not finished the script yet, with one of the actors stating they have not received it
  • The delay also avoids conflicting with the release of a new Superman film and further separates The Batman from the DCU universe being developed

It’s learned that Warner Bros. had pushed back The Batman: Part II release date by a year from October 3, 2025 to October, 2, 2026.

According to the trades, the reason for the year delay is because of the strikes, which took place last year involving the writers and actors.

It has been reported that Matt Reeves hasn’t finished yet the script, with Jeffrey Wright recently chiming in.

Matt Reeves The Batman set with Robert Pattinson

Where’s the script?

Speaking with Variety at the end of February, the Lt. James Gordon actor said he hasn’t read it.

“Here’s the beginning, middle, and end laid out for you,” Wright joked. “I have not read the script. I have not received the script. I’m waiting patiently. But I’ll tell you what? As soon as I get it, I’ll call you. I’ll send a copy right over to you. On the off chance that Matt Reeves hears this, the hairs on the back of his neck are going to stand up.”

Back in December it was also said the script hadn’t been turned into WB brass for approval, so it seems as if Matt Reeves is still working on it with Mattson Tomlin who is supposed to be co-writing the sequel who helped on the first part.

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Shifts the release date away from James Gunn’s DCU

Worth a mention is the release date delay also shifts The Batman 2 away from James Gunn’s new Superman, which gets released on July 11, 2025 and launches the new DCU.

The Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson The Batman is separate from the Gunn DCU universe, so it probably doesn’t hurt to further separate the two release dates even further.

Gunn is also developing his own version of Batman in his DCU in the Brave and the Bold, so that looks to be a ways off, as Gunn previously said it obviously won’t be released near Reeves’ movies.

The Batman was released on March 4, 2022 directed by Matt Reeves and stars Robert Pattinson as DC’s Dark Knight. Zoë Kravitz also stars as Selina Kyle, Andy Serkis as Alfred, and Paul Dano as Riddler, with Colin Farrell as Penguin who will be starring in his own TV series. The film brought in over $772 million at the box office.

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