Amandla Stenberg Responds To The Acolyte: ‘Death threats, horrific, violent racist language’

Explains why she did that viral rage-twerking music video she released on social media.

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Though she didn’t appear in this week’s episode, Amandla Stenberg, star of The Acolyte, appeared on The View to talk about the show, particularly all the alleged negative fan feedback she has been receiving.

The Acolyte happens to be the second least-watched Disney Star Wars series, and it has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score from fans.

As a result, Amandla Stenberg released a music video she created where she rage-twerks and blasts fans.

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What did she say on The View?

Regarding her appearance on The View, watch below (which has a massive amount of dislikes from fans), the host claims she has been targeted because of the “inclusive casting” (and not because it’s a bad show) and that as a result, she has received “horrific, racist backlash, including threats, and what you call ‘intolerable racism.'”

“It’s been very painful to me. It’s not something that I think you can emotionally prepare for,” Stenberg said. “[We] welcome criticism of the show when it comes to storytelling or performance. But when it comes to death threats, horrific, violent racist language, it’s unacceptable to me.”

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She continues, “And I’ve had to think really deep and hard about when you display discipline and when you display honor. And I guess what I mean by that is when do you decide to utilize discipline to not engage in a reactive way to hatred? And when do you decide to engage in honor by honoring your values and your belief system?”

Stenberg adds, “In this case, I decided that was the most important thing to me, to be vocal because I think that silence can send a message as well, and inaction can be very dangerous.”

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She ten explains her music video she released on Instagram.

“And so, well, I dropped a diss track… [laughs] I dropped a diss track about it…and it’s called ‘Discourse’ and it really is about, of course, what I’ve been experiencing,” she explained. “But it’s also about the divisiveness of the culture and how difficult for all of us now to navigate information in this new era. It’s so difficult to tell what is true, you know, online.”

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Amandla Stenberg also tackled the online articles and social media responses.

“These online algorithms they shape our realities and our thinking and clickbait journalism and these algorithms also profit from our rage and our hatred,” she said. “And I feel like that’s something we are aware of, but we don’t necessarily have enough discourse or infrastructure around because it’s so new.”

Watch the interview:

Amandla Stenberg Talks Starring In New 'Star Wars' Series 'The Acolyte' | The View

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