Advanced Review: Noir #1 (of 5)


Writer Victor Gischler spins a yarn of thievery, double crosses, blood and murder in the opening issue of Dynamite’s new pulp salute mini-series, Noir. And it is already a winner.

While the guest-starring Shadow is heavy in influence in this opening chapter, the star of the show is – and is meant to be – his old “friend,” the Black Sparrow. It seems the female thief has stolen a “Moon Stone” for a shadowy figure and it is tied to a mysterious old stone mill in Newport. Its history in this country is pre-Columbus and apparently on a celestial axis as well.

Secrets within secrets, all to the tune of blazing guns. Gischler has already set a tone for Noir that is in keeping with its characters and setting, and is adding just enough of modern storytelling to keep the pulp engines moving and interesting.

The Black Sparrow, we find out this issue, is a very intriguing character. Very independent, very violent, very sensible. Part lady spy, part thief, all woman. Gischler uses her as a vehicle to tell the story and it is really from her point of view that the tale is spun.

Will that continue in future issues? Who knows, because by the end of the book in swings our second star, Miss Fury. And it is, all of a sudden, a whole new ball game.

The art of Andrea Mutti smoothly glides the events of Gischler’s script along, creating wonderful facial expressions, booming gun action and detailed cityscapes of New York and rural Newport. Kudos to the palate of colorist Vladimir Popov who accentuates the artwork of Mutti in a most moody way that does the pulp genre well.

I would term this premiere issue a success and will definitely be back for issue #2.

“Noir” #1 hits stands next Wednesday!