Advanced Review: Green Lantern #14


As the Guardians of the Universe continue their mad plans to snuff the Green Lanterns, the Rise of the Third Army continues – well, kinda – in Green Lantern #14.

Yes, we re in deep space on two occasions: First to see the mad Guardians debate the wisdom of their plan with the First Lantern and hear his (?) views on said invasion, and secondly to see a new development with the imprisoned “Other” Guardians, whose leader rises at the hands of … the Black Hand!

Amid those, there are sprinkled panels where the zombie-like Third Army continues its assault … somewhere.

Scribe Geoff Johns continues to delight and amaze me as the seeds he has sown have grown to fruition in GL despite the relaunch and the increased number of books now in the Lantern lineup.

But as cosmic as the story was this issue, the lion’s share of the action takes place on good ol’ Sol-IIIin the land called Michiganas a superbly sensible Baz decides quite maturely not to take on the Justice League: “… You’re Superman. Even if I knew how to use this ring, you’d kick my a– by yourself,” says the new Green Lantern.

Unfortunately, the ring is not as sensible and explodes when Batman tries to remove it, even with Baz’s approval. That sets the tone for the action of the issue, and how we learn how smart and sly this new Lantern is. Very admirable, and I cannot wait to see him in JLA.

There is also a very juicy slice of darkness where we encounter Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who are just kind of wandering around like NYC citizens in a blackout. (No looting, though.) We then meet someone who apparently has plans for Sinestro. The end line by Hal is priceless, but I will leave that for your savoring.

Again, Doug Mahnke and his Greek Chorus of inkers and colorists make the read seamless and the mag the prettiest book on the shelf.

Another fine issue by a fine cosmic combo.