Advanced Review: Bloodshot #10


As the Harbinger Wars runs rampant through the Valiant Universe, one man must find himself in order to preserve the lives of the most powerful children in the world. Through massive amounts of blood, bullets and rendered flesh, this man will become more than just a killing machine, he will become — a father!

Duane Swierczynski (X,Punisher,Godzilla) is a master crime novelist and an extraordinaire when it comes to dark, bloody tales revolving around hatred and vengeance. In Bloodshot #10, you will receive more than your fair share of all those things but it is the further development of the Bloodshot character and his supporting cast that will truly grip you.

Though briefly touched upon in other issues, Bloodshot’s quest for his own humanity is what drives this book. When faced with protecting some of the most dangerous and powerful children ever born, this engineered weapon of mass destruction delves inward in order to dredge up every ounce of humanity in order to guide him. Though he is beaten, berated and almost mentally manipulated, he only focuses on the safety of the children. It is this surge of “fatherhood” that shatters his visage of a one dimensional character, creating instead a hero that fans will not only root for but clamor over!

With an amazing cover by fan favorite Mico Sauyan and beautifully vicious interiors by Barry Kitson, this book will become an instant “must have” for not only Valiant fans, but comic fans in general! Plus, the final page will be enough to drive fans ravenous until the next installment of Harbinger Wars hits the stands next week!

Be bold, be determined, be — Valiant!