Advanced Review: Battlestar Galactica #9


One of the most frightening storylines in the history of the franchise comes to a conclusion Wednesday as fan fave sci-fi writer Dan Abnett takes us through our reading paces in Battlestar Galactica #9.

In an effort to escape the villainous Cylons, the mighty Galactica has led the way for its rag-tag fleet, leading the space armada into uncharted space. There, the heroes discovered an ancient cosmic mystery. The answers to questions both the humanoids and the Cylons would ask are answered by Abnett in dramatic and startling fashion as “Dreams of the Thirteenth” comes to a conclusion.

Abnett has utilized each chapter of this arc to let us know those traveling aboard the legendary Battlestar and those they have encountered along the way, fleshing out the characters with familiar nuances and also some startling revelations. Abnett has made this book a truly connected product of the franchise from which it is spun.

What does the mystery have to do with Earth? To those who knew the TV show well, the title itself is a big clue.

I am impressed by the way Abnett has not only maintained but built upon the familiar characters of the show. To that end, artist Cezar Razek has the unenviable task of bringing real people into a fantastic comic book setting. He does it with great storytelling, wonderful facial expressions and, I must admit, sometimes a tad bit of cartoonishness. But those instances are rare.

Battlestar Galactica continues the line of licensed properties being turned out by companies today. The difference here? The involvement of Abnett, and quality. Fun read.