Advanced Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #12


The amazing variant cover says it all — “The End,” but is it as epic as Marvel is making it out to be?

In some ways, yes; Marvel has recaptured the overall units sold in the months since Avengers Vs. X-Men has come out — no small feat since DC is right behind, chomping at the bit, waiting for Marvel to slip. And there are some truly great moments that occur in this book: We finally see the return of Nova, albeit for a mere moment and as someone we wish he wasn’t, but he is there. We also see some touching instances, too few and one in particular that I wish was especially more prominent, but they are there as well. The action is intense and the art was well crafted – an overall well done book – but was this the “epic” conclusion to the biggest event Marvel has tried to produce in decades?

Sadly, no.

This could have been a truly emotional tale of a man who was lost in order to save an entire race. A great character that has become a pivotal part of the entire Marvel U. in the last year. For a glimpse it was, but only for a glimpse. The defeat of the Dark Phoenix was quite unremarkable, but the direct moment before — could have been amazing! That’s how the whole book felt, like it was grasping for greatness and then watched as it slipped through its fingers. I am not trying to dissuade you from this book, the five dollar price tag may do that on its own, but it is a good read. I just wish there was more to it. 

The “Architects” have finished their opus. Whether we are fans of it or not, it is finally through. I, for one, felt that it was done well half of the time, the other half could have been forgotten. The Marvel Universe as a whole has not been changed for better or worse! It is the same status quo we have always had. Yes, new teams will emerge from this and apparently everyone will be some form of an Avenger! Whether they are Uncanny, Astonishing or Spectacular, does it really matter anymore when they are all in the fraternal brotherhood of Steve Rogers? 

All it took to wrap up this entire event was just three little words, so my review will be summed up by some as well, “What could’ve been!”