Zack Snyder’s Superman: The Man Of Steel (2012) To Be Realistic



In another interview for his latest movie Sucker Punch, director Zack Snyder commented on the new Superman.

Previously, the director scoffed at the notion that Supes would be using CGI.

Now, Snyder states that his version of Superman will probably be the most realistic out of any of the films he has done, which include 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch, as he told Screen Rant:

“I think the visual style of “Superman,” though I can’t say for certain as it’s early, but I kind of feel like — and I did say to the studio – that what’s cool for me and interesting, and odd, is that “Superman” is probably going to be the most realistic movie I’ve ever made. It’s kind of fun that the most realistic movie I probably will make is a movie called “Superman.” Which shows how crazy my other movies are. Because I guess for him to be credible… He gets more credible by the reality that you can bring to him, you know emotionally, and visually, I think.”

Snyder also previously stated his Superman should “kick ass,” which can only mean that Henry Cavill, portraying the Man of Steel, will be bulking up for the role.

“Henry’s gonna be hitting the iron pretty hard,” said Snyder.

Snyder’s wife, Deborah, a producer on the film with Christopher Nolan, stated Cavill has already started working out in England, and as of April 1st, will be stateside to continue his training. Cavill’s training regime comes from Mark Twight of Gym Jones who worked with all the 300 actors and also Damon Caro who did the fight training.

Sounds good!

A kick-ass Superman means kick-ass villains – love it!

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch hits theaters March 25th, 2011. Head on over here to view a large gallery of eye-popping pics and trailers.

Superman flies into theaters December 2012 directed by Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent.

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