Zack Snyder Says He Has To Go Along With Warner Bros. Direction For Superman Batman Film



Comic-Con saw Zack Snyder announce the sequel to the Man of Steel which will feature Superman and Batman, and from the sounds of what David Goyer recently said, the worlds’ finest will end up duking it out.

It also recently came out that Zack Snyder brought Frank Miller on the sequel in an advisory role, with Miller behind The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel which saw Batman beat Superman.

Well, the newly announced Superman/Batman film isn’t being well-received by all the fans.

Seems the Superman fans in particular are upset they aren’t getting a stand alone sequel and are afraid their new powerhouse will get shown up by Batman on the big screen.

A source of the Superman fan site, SupermanHomePage, managed to speak to Zack Snyder about that with the director stating he has to go along with the route that Warner Bros. intends.

“It’s too early for me to discuss the film,” Snyder offered. “However, regardless of how I feel about Superman, ultimately I have to go along with the direction that Warner Bros. thinks is best.”

As the super fans know, a big complaint about Superman Returns was the fact that Big Blue wasn’t physical enough, which Snyder and Goyer arguably made more than up for in Man of Steel; however, the fans argue that what is going to happen in Superman/Batman will undermine Man of Steel as most likely it will have Supes losing due to The Caped Crusader’s popularity.

Obviously, it’s still early on in the process, but Snyder and Goyer did give Superman a lot of build up with Man of Steel, and it would be a shame to see all that come crumbling down.

Superman/Batman, the sequel to Man of Steel, goes into production next year for a 2015 release starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane with a new Batman to be cast.

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