Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ Reviews Lukewarm At Rotten Tomatoes


Per the norm for Zack Snyder, early reviews have hit Rotten Tomatoes for the Army of the Dead zombie heist movie coming to Netflix, and they are rather lukewarm.

With 39 reviews presently accounted for, the Army of the Dead Rotten Tomatoes score stands at 77%.

As it is still early, the Rotten Tomatoes score could go up or down significantly, and we’ll be sure to update as more reviews are made available.

Update: With 89 reviews, the Army of the Dead Rotten Tomatoes score stands at 74%; the Audience Score is at 78%.

Update #2: Box office tanks.

Regarding what the reviews have to say, it’s pretty much what you expect from Zack Snyder, and it’s similar to Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead 2005 zombie movie, which has a 75% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 77% Audience Score.

The 77% for Army of the Dead is also a rating high for Snyder’s films that he directed.

Check out a sample of what the reviews have to say below.

Army of the Dead arrives on Netflix and in select theaters on May 21, 2021, starring Dave Bautista.

Army of the Dead Dave Bautista

Army of the Dead –  what the reviews say:

Fresh review: An evolution of and homage to his first feature, with direct references and a return to its snarky and cynical tone. Much like “Dawn,” “Army of the Dead” is sarcastic, funny, shockingly bloody and almost unbearably bleak. – full review

Rotten review: Army of the Dead resembles nothing so much as a watered-down Aliens with slot machines. – full review

Fresh: A Baroque tapestry of blood, bullets and bones – one that’s never short of memorable imagery, even if its symbolism is so obvious that it feels like it’s been screamed through a megaphone. – full review

Rotten: ‘Army Of The Dead’ bluffs its way through a bonkers narrative written too frustratingly thin to support otherwise explosive action that splatters zombie heads like Jackson Pollock paintings. – full review

Fresh: The director’s return to the zombie genre has resulted in an entertaining and personal movie. – full review

Rotten: Tonally, the film is all over the place. The film doesn’t achieve a balance between the two, feeling odd and out of place for this genre. – full review

Fresh: Possibly the most ambitious zombie movie ever made. A blast from start to finish. – full review

Rotten: It starts off great. But then it goes on. And on. And on. And takes itself ever more seriously at each turn. – full review

Fresh: Will Army of the Dead change the minds of Snyder critics? Probably not. But for Snyder fans and anybody in the mood for bloodthirsty zombie action, the movie hits the jackpot. – full review

Rotten: It’s a shame that Army of Dead falls so flat, because the concept of a zombie heist movie is undeniably intriguing, particularly at a time when we all need a little escapism. – full review

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