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Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead Details Include Dave Bautista’s Character and More

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead Details Include Dave Bautista’s Character and More

With the launch of his new Stone Quarry production company, Zack Snyder is writing, producing and directing a new zombie movie for Netflix with Army of the Dead which will feature Guardians of the Galaxy 2‘s Dave Bautista as the lead character.

New details are learned about Army of the Dead which follows Dave Bautista’s character who leads a group of mercenaries into the quarantine zone of a zombie outbreak to pull off the greatest heist that ever attempted.

A rumored list of a dozen character breakdowns has surfaced (via the Observer) offering:

Dave Bautista is said to be playing “Scott,” described as: Dry-witted, thoughtful. Estranged from his family.

Dave Bautista Army of the Dead

Presently, Bautista is the only actor currently cast in the movie, but the other character breakdowns reveal a rather motley crew:

“Kate” is Scott’s daughter, a volunteer a the World Health Organization described as: Taciturn, hard-working, driven.

“Vanderohe” is a bad-ss good-humored muscular character, strong as a beast, who is known for his zombie killing expertise.

“Frank Peters” is said to be a “cool-as-hell older dude with slicked-back gray hair and aviators” who is a chopper pilot that is brought on board to transport the team into the zombie-held territory.

“Lilly,” aka Coyote, is a restless tough cookie who wants to return to the zombie stronghold for unknown reasons.

“Cruz” is hard-drinking, tough-talking Latina, a mechanic, and owner of a body shop. It’s said she is happy to join the mission, but it is not about the money.

“Ludwig Dieter” is described as a scrawny Swiss-German kid and master safe-cracker who is vocally excited about the mission and considers it fun.

“Reggie,” another zombie killer, is said to be “tough as can be—jacked, stacked and cool.”

“Adeline” is a disenfranchised immigrant, a refugee, and a single mom with two young children willing to do anything to keep her kids safe.

“Burt Cummings” is described as thin, with a “porny mustache,” a greasy-haired, tobacco-chewing, self-important jerk, who is taking advantage of the power he has obtained over the refugees.

“Mikey Guzman” is a fearless, highly capable sharp-shooter that is able to kill multiple zombies with a single shot. He is looking for the one big score that will change his life.

“Martin” is described as a Ray-Ban wearing fellow in a suit, he is right-hand-man to billionaire Hunter Bly and the former head of security at Blye’s Las Vegas casino. No one is quite sure of his motivations.