‘X-Men’ In The Works At Marvel From Michael Waldron

A leak accidently seems to confirm an X-Men project, movie or series, is in the works for the MCU.

A leak accidently seems to confirm an X-Men project, movie or series, is in the works for the MCU.


It’s learned that an X-Men project is in the works at Marvel Studios from Michael Waldron, the writer behind Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the Loki Disney Plus series.

Though not officially announced, news of X-Men at Marvel gets accidentally leaked via a conversation between Michael Waldron and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the co-writer of Thor: Love and Thunder and a producer on Hawkeye, on Instagram.

Robinson posted images to celebrate her birthday, which saw Waldron comment, “Good luck with your life,” to which Robinson responded about X-Men with, “Good luck with writing X-Men.” Check out the screenshot below.

Again, Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce the X-Men project, which could be a new live-action movie or possibly a live-action Disney Plus series, but Michael Waldron also happens to be Kevin Feige’s choice to write the Star Wars movie that Feige is producing, and Waldron is also a producer on Loki.

It could be possible that Michael Waldron is involved with the X-Men ’97 animated series, as Waldron does have animated experience having worked on Rick & Morty, but all of his projects as of late are live-action, including the Stephen Amell wrestling series, Heels, and the details for the X-Men ’97 animated series have already been announced that doesn’t mention Waldron’s name, so it seems this X-Men project could be a new unannounced live-action movie or series.

Since Michael Waldron is writing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and interestingly enough, we know Patrick Stewart is returning, there is lots of speculation the film could be rebooting the X-Men and Wolverine in the MCU, so maybe Waldron is going to continue from where he started in Doctor Strange 2 and write the first X-Men movie set in the MCU.

Michael Waldron on X-Men:

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