X-Men ’97 Ratings: Missing In Action With 8 Episodes

Once again the show fails to make both the Nielsen charts and the Samba TV rankings.

x men ratings episode 8 nielsen

Once again – and despite Disney stating viewership was on the rise – with eight episodes released, the X-Men ’97 animated series fails to make both the Nielsen ratings charts and the Samba TV rankings.

Disney recently said the four episodes (episodes 6-9) leading up to the Season finale (episode 10) saw an increase in viewership, but none of the episodes (6,7,8) have appeared on any ratings chart.

nielsenoriginal ratings april 29 may 5 2024
Nielsen ‘Original’ chart for Apr 29 – May 5, 2024

X-Men ’97 is again a no-show on the Nielsen ratings charts

Nielsen released its ratings for the week of April 29 – May 5, 2024, which is when Episode 8 of X-Men ’97 was released.

Nielsen counts ALL the episodes available to watch within the week, but again, X-Men ’97 is a big no-show.

As we see above, at #10 on the “Originals” chart is Netflix’s The Road of Tom Bradey, which comes in at 279 minutes (millions), so X-Men ’97 is below that number.

From previous week’s charts, we also know X-Men ’97 is below 228 minutes (millions), which puts it lower than the What If…? animated series, Ms. Marvel (the least-watched MCU series on Disney+), and Echo (which averages the lowest amount of MCU views per episode on Disney+).

A recent report offered Echo is actually watched my nearly double the amount of Marvel fans than X-Men ’97.

samba tv charts apr 29 may 5 2024
Via Samba TV: Apr 29 – May 5, 2024

Who is watching?

Also as I went over, claims X-Men ’97 is the best-reviewed Marvel title and has the highest review ratings are grossly overexaggerated as X-Men ’97 happens to be the least-reviewed Marvel title by hundreds of reviews.

The show can’t be looked as anything but a massive failure; however, Season 2 and 3 are said to be happening, but they appear to be a long ways off.

Disney did say viewership increased 75% from the premiere to the season finale, so with two episodes to go, let’s see if X-Men ’97 can make the Nielsen ratings charts. Who’s watching?

x men 97 no one watching

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