Wolverine Gay: X-Men In Shambles


The X-Men are in total shambles as a storyline crafted by Jonathan Hickman and editor Jordan White has Wolverine gay and the team allies with their enemies.

Disney and Marvel’s latest X-Men stories see Wolverine and Cyclops joking about being seen in speedos and that everyone is banging each other, aka Polyamory.

Regarding friending their enemies, the X-Men and the mutants have declared the island nation of Krakoa as their new home where they have accepted insane homicidal and genocidal supervillains, such as Magneto, Apocalypse and Mister Sinister, as one of them.

Marauders #9 teases Jean Grey and Pryo

Wednesday’s issue of Marauders #9 by Gerry Duggan sees it teased that Jean Grey wants to bang Pyro as she sits seductively on the hood of a car while everyone is partying:

Pyro Jean Grey Marvel X-Men

Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey have connecting rooms

Getting back to Wolverine and Cyclops, X-Men #1 saw it revealed that Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean’s rooms all connect to each other through doorways, which has led to online speculation that they are all having sex together: 

Wolverine Cyclops Jean Grey rooms Marvel X-Men

Wolverine gay teased with Cyclops

Things don’t end there as X-Men #7 sees Wolverine making a remark about seeing Jean in a bikini where Scott remarks about seeing himself in a speedo with Wolverine replying, “Who could say no to that?” 

Wolverine gay Cyclops speedo Marvel


SJW forced agenda ruining the comic book industry 

In the comics, much like Iceman, none of the characters have ever been portrayed as being gay, but this is SJW Marvel we are talking about here, and it’s no wonder the comic book industry is collapsing. 

So instead of having a quality story that introduces new gay characters, the SJW content is again forced on to fans, doesn’t at all fit with the characters or the story, and is a complete mess.

What is also particularly worrisome for fans is that Kevin Feige is now in charge of Marvel Comics and is allowing this to happen. Back in January of 2019 saw leaks offer that Marvel fans wouldn’t be happy in regards to what Feige has in store for Wolverine and the X-Men characters within the MCU. Maybe this is a preview…

#RIPWolverine #RIPXMen

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