Woke Margot Robbie ‘Barbie’ Tracking Over $100M At Box Office

Industry estimates are sky high but Warner Bros. is more conservative.

Industry estimates are sky high but Warner Bros. is more conservative.

Woke Margot Robbie 'Barbie' Tracking Over $100M At Box Office

Are people going to come out for the woke Barbie movie that can be sexualized but should never be sexy?

Well, the trade sites are reporting that opening weekend box office estimates could be north of $100 million.

Estimates offer Barbie will best the woke Little Mermaid‘s $95 opening, which has since tanked, as estimates range from $80 million to over $100 million.

Warner Bros. is actually tracking things low with an estimated opening of only $60 million but Deadline is spinning things that they are hearing $80 million is the minimum opening weekend and that a potential $100 million or more start is possible.

Barbie’s sweet spot is under-35 females and secondarily 35- to 49-year-olds,” states Deadline, and it is noted “Barbie presales at this point in time are pacing ahead of Little Mermaid.”

margot robbie sexy barbie

Will Barbie have legs?

If Barbie does have a similar opening to The Little Mermaid, what remains to be seen if Barbie has legs.

While we all know she has a great set, like most movies, the Margot Robbie adaptation of the famous doll will need to have a decent showing in subsequent weeks to make up its reported $100 million budget plus what looks to be an expensive marketing campaign which includes an actual house in Malibu being made up to look like the Barbie Dream House.

Since Barbie is targeting a small audience, namely feminists, Barbie could drop fast.

What also should be pointed out is that Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer opens the same weekend and is said to have taken the premium screens, so Barbie will miss out on the benefit of higher ticket prices and sales, and Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7 is also said to be retaining premium screens in its second weekend.

Margot Robbie

How is Barbie woke?

Barbie is woke because it makes men look like shit and Margot Robbie is a big hypocrite when it comes to the titular character.

As I previously pointed out, the trailer is full of all kinds of man-hater moments, particularly making Ryan Gosling’s Ken out to be misogynistic in that female doctor scene.

Margot Robbie, whose Barbie dresses in short skirts, and who promotes the movie with feet fetishes and skimpy clothing, also says Barbie “is sexualized, but she should never be sexy.” Huh? Robbie also said something about how Barbie doesn’t have reproductive organs. Huh?

It’s hilarious because men and boyfriends will only want to see this movie because Margot Robbie does look sexy, and you can bet Warner Bros. is banking on that fact.

barbie french poster

Ken is a fuck doll in French poster

How about the French poster?

Warner Bros. intentionally has the poster (above) where in French, “Ken” means “fuck” so the poster states: “He just knows how to fuck.” Again, it’s all intentional and all done to make Ken and men look like a complete joke.

barbie kate mckinnon

Woke Kate McKinnon

How about what Kate McKinnon has to say?

McKinnon, who plays a version of a “destroyed” Barbie (of course), says the movie sends a message about gender roles.

“Sort of about how like gender roles deny people half their humanity and how like we need to just like be ourselves and it’s like a very powerful message,” she told Fandango.

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