Woke Hollywood Surprised By ‘In The Heights’ Failure


Woke Hollywood is surprised that its diversity-filled musical, In The Heights, absolutely tanked at the box office.

The flick made its debut this past weekend but was beat out by the third week’s run of A Quiet Place II, as John Krasinski’s sequel brought in $12 million, while In The Heights only brought in $11.5 million, which was almost less than half of the estimates.

In other words, a complete disaster.

While the movie also had a same-day launch on HBO Max, guess what? In The Heights also tanked big time on HBO Max as Deadline reports the musical had low viewership on the streaming service.

Deadline also attempts to spin things why In The Heights failed, and while I haven’t seen it and some are stating it isn’t a woke musical, apparently it was marketed as woke, so no surprise, movie goers skipped it as did people at home. In its report, Deadline in part offers (bold my own):

Paramount’s A Quiet Place Part II in its third weekend has beaten Warner Bros. highly-publicized Jon M. Chu-directed, Lin-Manuel Miranda musical In the Heights for the top spot at the weekend box office, $11.7M to $11.4M. It is a defeat no one really saw coming. A Quiet Place Part II‘s domestic running B.O. stands at $109M.

In The Heights

Long line of woke failures from Hollywood

So In The Heights is just another woke failure in a long line of woke failures from Hollywood, which includes Ghostbusters, Disney Star Wars, Marvel’s Captain Marvel, Terminator, Birds of Prey, Doctor Who, Supergirl, Batwoman, etc.

We also get some insights into woke Hollywood from filmmaker and novelist, Kamran Pasha, who has worked on Roswell New Mexico, Nikita, Kings, Reign, Tron, Sleeper Cell, Twilight Zone, and more (great guy to follow on Twitter, BTW):