More Woke Doctor Who: Sooz Kempner All ‘About Politics And Trans Rights’

A newly cast actor is all about promoting a woke agenda and not whether the story is any good.

A newly cast actor is all about promoting a woke agenda and not whether the story is any good.

More Woke Doctor Who: Sooz Kempner All 'About Politics And Trans Rights'

If you thought woke Doctor Who that killed the franchise was done for with Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker exiting the series, all that Disney money might have doubled down the woke agenda as a newly cast actor, Sooz Kempner, is all about politics and trans rights.

Monday saw the BBC announce “Doom’s Day” for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary starring stand-up comedian, comedy sketch artist, and actor Sooz Kempner, who will be playing the universe’s greatest assassin across a multi-platform story.

The teaser for Doom’s Day happens to see Sooz Kempner’s character refer to the Doctor as “them” and Kempner uses pronounces according to her Instagram (but the official announcement doesn’t use pronouns for some reason).

So apparently Sooz Kempner is a trans actor (I had no idea, who cares?), and following the big announcement, Sooz Kempner took to social media to gloat to fans about her casting.

“Hello new followers! You’re probably here because I’m part of the Whoniverse now. Welcome! I post a lot about politics and trans rights, dress up as other people and I sing a LOT. If I make you ‘cringe’ then good. Welcome!” she said.

Kemper added, “If you’re not a new follower and maybe just saw this tweet pop up in your feed then you should probably take it up with El0n, not me.”

So we see it’s woke because the casting of Sooz Kempner is all about “politics and trans rights” and not if the acting, character and story is any good.

Sooz Kempner Doctor Who
Sooz Kempner

Woke Doctor Who might be regenerating

A fan made the remark that they never heard of her and have no idea about her politics or worldview and mentioned the trailer “frankly was embarrassingly bad in terms of understanding the franchise you’re in and its audience. Please don’t hide from legitimate criticism behind identity.”

“What identity am I hiding behind?” Kempner questioned.

The fan remarked that Kemper mentioning that she posts a lot about politics and trans rights means she is saying any criticism about the trailer is simply because of that and not how bad it is (it’s bad), which Kemper disagreed with.

“No I wasn’t remotely saying that, I was saying to new followers that that was the sort of thing they could expect. Apology accepted,” she tweeted.

However, another fan pointed out a recent tweet where Kemper said she was prepared for the fan reaction to the trailer and deliberately tweeted about her politics and trans rights (woke).

sooz kempner doctor who 1

It’s Trump’s fault

Kempner also tweets about Donald Trump for some reason (she’s British) as well as makes remarks about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in other tweets.

“Look, all I’m saying is…it might be hot if Donald Trump is getting arrested and he makes a run for it and his trousers fall down as he’s rugby-tackled by the feds and he goes ‘“’get off get off I’m the president’”’ and his hair goes berserk and everywhere. It’s all I’m saying,” she tweeted.

It’s known during the failed Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker era that saw the ratings take a nosedive and millions stop watching that the character Chris Noth played was based on Trump. 

Regarding Disney, the new home of Doctor Who internationally outside the UK is on Disney Plus where returning showrunner Russell T Davies said Disney invested in the show internationally and gave the show a big boost, so doing the math, woke Doctor Who might be regenerating. Geronimo!

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