Westworld 2 Premiere Teasers

Westworld Season 2 Poster, Teasers & Viral Site

HBO released a new poster, teaser and viral site for Westworld Season 2 announcing the series returns on April 22.

The poster also links to a new Westworld viral site as a code that is embedded “687474703A2F2F6269742E6 C792F3246447A696567” points to discoverwestworld.com/findthedoor.

The viral site has a video that offers, “Now you’re in my game. In this game… find the door.”

The title of Season 2 happens to be “The Door.”

The Season 1 title for Westworld was “The Maze,” so it seems safe to assume they have found the way out of the maze through the door leading to somewhere else. Maybe the outside world? Or another of the artificial worlds?

Check out both teasers:

Westworld Season 2