Watch: Jonathan Majors Chased By Girlfriend

Video surveillance from the night of the alleged incident.

Watch: Jonathan Majors Chased By Girlfriend

On Wednesday, following the prosecution and defense resting, evidence was released from the Jonathan Majors court case where the Marvel actor is on trial for assault.

The incident occurred last March where it is claimed Majors assaulted his girlfriend at the time, Grace Jabbari, following her seeing a text on the actor’s phone from another woman.

Majors has claimed that Jabbari actually assaulted him but the NYC DA’s office didn’t see it that way and decided to go through with prosecuting Majors.

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Evidence released

Among the evidence released includes video from the night showing the scuffle between the two. Majors can be seen escorting Jabbari away from the vehicle and he attempts to separate himself from the woman. When he does he run away, Jabbari can be seen chasing him. It’s said Jabbari chased after Majors for six blocks where she can be seen running in the street and nearly gets hit by a car.

Following the alleged incident, it’s known Jabbari went out partying with strangers.

It’s also said that while Majors was running home a fan stopped him and he took a selfie with the fan which “shows his overall demeanor at that moment.”

A recording of the 911 call has also become available.

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