Watch: DC You Promo


DC Comics has released a promo for the new DC You initiative.

DC previously announced the DC You campaign will: “shine a spotlight on the New DC Universe (DCU) line of comic books, and reinforces the company’s commitment to creating a diverse offering of titles – something for everyone.”

DC You kicks off Wednesday, June 3rd with “24 brand-new series as well as 25 on-going, best selling fan-favorite series, resulting in the most ambitious DC Comics lineup-to-date.”

The new DC Universe represents a bold new direction from DC Entertainment, featuring a more expansive and modern line of comic books that still honors our rich legacy of storytelling. Whether you’ve been a DC fan your whole life, or are just getting started with the world of comics, there’s a story just for you! And it all starts right here, right now, with DC You!

DCYOU Batman 555b6811a396f5.17470277
DCYOU Bizarro 555b683ddefc18.51853894
DCYOU Starfire 555b685c154404.52268844
DCYOU Cyborg 555b687b4b1a80.67933233
DCYOU BatmanBeyond 555b68c8284ea8.77446213
DCYOU Deathstroke 555b6928324263.15841082
DCYOU GothamAcademy 555b699419e970.24189042
DCYOU Midnighter 555b69ce41cea1.76737719
DCYOU Superman 555b69eabed9d3.05810929 0
DCYOU WeAreRobin 555b6a20101733.78419168

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