Warner Bros. Shutting Down Rocksteady Following Suicide Squad Game Failure (Rumor)

"Doesn't seem like the future is very bright for Rocksteady."

warner bros shutting down rocksteady suicide squad game failure

And it looks like it’s #RIPRocksteady as following the massive failure of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game, it’s claimed parent company, Warner Bros., is going to close Rocksteady who is/was known for the excellent Batman Arkham games.

Recently saw Warner Bros. Discovery confirm the failure of the game contributed to a $200 million loss, and WBD also confirmed the game led to significantly lower revenues.

suicide squad kill justice league game

What does the rumor say?

The info comes via YouTuber Vara Dark on X.

“While I do not usually speak on insider information I receive, I think this is one we all have pieced together ourselves. Warner Bros is internally talking about closing Rocksteady or halving their 250 employees after Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League‘s bomb,” she tweeted.

joker suicide squad game

The YouTuber continued, “Just last month David Zaslav announced it lost them over $200 million EBITDA year-over-year.”

Vara Dark added, “I have heavily covered Warner Bros Games and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League since release because of what it represented for Warner Bros Games and a beloved franchise. When it was greenlit, we were seeing a giant scramble for studios to create live-service games and this one released too late plus the content did not resonate with players.

suicide squad game harley quinn

“Rocksteady Studios’ co-founders and studio heads also departed the company back in 2022,” she explained. “Rocksteady is a shell of the company it used to be and we saw this happen recently with Embracer Group and Volition, a company that had 30 years of experience under their belt and it sounds as though Warner Bros is planning to pull the plug on Rocksteady, too.”

suicide squad game

The YouTuber also said, “They have no other games publicly announced and there does not seem to be any confidence in them anymore. Even back in 2016 we got the Batman: Arkham VR game that was developed by Rocksteady and the new Batman: Arkham Shadow VR game is being done by Camouflaj.”

She added, “Only time will tell. Doesn’t seem like the future is very bright for Rocksteady.”

rocksteady suicide squad rumor

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