The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Spoilers, Review & Recap


walking dead season 7 spoilers review recap

Tonight saw The Walking Dead Season 7 episode, and what an episode it was! I think now that the episode has finally arrived we may be able to forgive the show’s creators for that sob’n cliffhanger from last season?!

The Walking Dead episode actually starts off following Negan “using Lucille” — leaving the viewer to wonder whether or not AMC and the producers are going to drag out the entire episode death until the end. No!! Luckily that isn’t the case! I felt they gave us great build up to what went down and didn’t drag things out too much. What also helped was the awesome performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. Can’t get enough of that guy! Or can you?!

The episode starts with the aftermath of the death scene, with Rick telling Negan he is going to kill him some day. Negan doesn’t like that and takes Rick and Rick’s hatchet/axe for a ride in the RV. Fans of the comics immediately suspect Rick is going to lose his arm, as the comic book version of the Governor cut off Rick’s arm, and it hasn’t happened (yet?) in the TV show. Negan drives to a zombie-infested location and tells Rick he doesn’t like how Rick is looking at him etc. Negan then throws Rick’s axe on top of the RV forcing Rick to fetch it as they are surrounded by zombies. Rick makes his way out, fights some zombies and makes his way on top of the RV. There Rick collapses, and they show us the death scene via a flashback.

The Walking Dead death of Abraham

This scene starts off how last season’s finale ended with Negan choosing who he is going to kill. Negan goes through “eenie meenie miney mo” and chooses Abraham. I didn’t find this choice to be too surprising as Abraham was killed off in the comics and was past due on the show (especially if you know how Abraham died in the comics). Still, I have to say, Abraham was one of my favorite characters, and watching the death was rather graphic, disturbing and admittedly sad. Abraham tells Negan to, “suck my nuts,” after the first hit.

walking dead abraham death

The Walking Dead death of Glenn

With Abraham dead, I felt a bit of relief as everyone else survived. Choosing Abraham to die was a good choice for the show as any other of the lesser characters (Eugene, etc.) would have been as easy out, and you probably figured the regulars weren’t going to get killed off. I assumed the episode would then switch gears and show us the Carol and Morgan story! Nope! Following the death of Abraham, Daryl flips out and punches Negan! Big mistake! Negan says he keeps his promises, etc, and then turns and bashes Glenn on the head! Now this scene was utterly disturbing. My personal Facebook page is already lit up with comments: “Nauseating.” “I almost threw up.” “Crazy!” “It was awesome…” Negan hits Glenn on top of the head once, which instantly causes brain damage. Glenn’s skull is caved in and his left eye is bulging out of its socket. It was a scene right out of the comics with Glenn stating, “Maggie!” Negan then proceeds to completely crush Glenn’s skull. The death of Glenn was a bit harder to take then Abraham’s as Glenn was another fan-favorite and has appeared since the first season. In addition, Maggie’s pregnant, so you may have thought (I did) that Glenn was safe — but remember, no one is safe in The Walking Dead! One thing that I feel isn’t too clear is if Daryl is to blame for Glenn’s death, or if Negan was going to kill a second member anyway? 

Watch Abraham and Glenn’s death here.

glenn death comics 2

walking dead glenn death

Wait! We’re not done, yet!

With Abraham and now Glenn dead on The Walking Dead, you can’t help but wonder — who’s next?! We then get “flashbacks” of Negan smashing every characters’ head! Wha-?! No! They’re all dead!!

Negan, from inside the RV, then asks Rick where the axe is and begins shooting the roof forcing Rick to make a jump! Rick jumps off the RV roof and grabs on to a zombie that’s hung from the bridge above. Rick and the zombie are struggling, with zombies swarming underneath the pair. The weight of Rick causes the zombies neck to rip and stretch lowering both of their bodies down to the voracious walker horde! Is Rick next?! Are those rumors of Andrew Lincoln wanting off the show true?! Nope! Negan has further plans and mows down the zombies with an automatic rifle saving Rick. Rick eventually makes his way back to the RV and gives the axe to Negan. 

Rick and Carl 

From there we realize Negan didn’t bash everyone’s head in (Abraham and Glenn are dead) — that was just Rick apparently thinking the worst. Negan then tells his men to point guns at the back of everyone’s head. Negan calls out Carl and ties his belt around Carl’s left arm. Carl is defiant as ever, says it doesn’t hurt, and it seems as if Negan actually likes Carl (comic spoilers!)?!   What’s Negan doing now?! Think of the comics again! No!! Since Rick hasn’t lost his arm like in the comics, maybe Carl will?! Negan is going to cut off Carl’s arm?! Wait! No! Negan tells Rick to cut of Carl’s arm!!! If Rick doesn’t cut off Carl’s arm, Negan is going to kill everyone except for Rick! Negan is then going to keep Rick alive for a couple of years to ponder what happened! What a scene this is! If this actually happens, I’m swearing off The Walking Dead forever (I actually had to take a break from the comics when they killed off Lori and spoiler in issue #48!)! Rick is a mess as he grabs the axe. Carl is face down in the dirt with his left arm out stretched and tells his dad to do it. Rick raises the axe!! Negan stops him. Negan tells Rick that is the look he wants. Negan then makes Rick answer his questions (basically Rick is now Negan’s bitch).


The end of the episode sees Negan take Daryl. If Rick disobeys etc, Negan is going to send Rick pieces of Daryl, or better yet, Negan is going to force Rick to cut off pieces of Daryl! Negan also leaves the remaining members of the group the RV, and they have to come back in a week to give Negan supplies. Off Negan and his army go. The group is there, with the bodies of Abraham and Daryl. Maggie wants revenge, etc., but Rick tells her Negan is too powerful, has an army and Daryl, and also that she is obviously not capable (pregnant). The episode ends with the RV driving off, and Rick watches a zombie make its way to the blood spots of Abraham and Glenn, kneeling down and starting to eat it. 

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