The Walking Dead Fans Petition To Remove Showrunner & Chandler Riggs Cuts Hair

The Walking Dead Fans Petition To Remove Showrunner & Chandler Riggs Cuts Hair

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead saw the shocking revelation that fan-favorite character Carl will be killed off this season and that fan-favorite actor Chandler Riggs will not be returning to the series.

Following the episode airing, Chandler Riggs’ father revealed that his son had been fired from The Walking Dead two weeks prior to his 18th birthday.

Now fans are petitioning for the removal of The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple from the series, which has seen over 56,000 fans sign.

“Scott has decided to kill off the shows most pivotal character Carl Grimes, son of main character Rick Grimes,” the petition reads. “The entire show has been a lead up to showing Carl become the leader that his father is, maybe one day taking on the mantle himself. Actor Chandler Riggs even considered postponing his college education so he could work on the show after Gimple promised that he would be on the show for 3 more years.

“Chandlers dad, William Riggs, said in a facebook post, that was later pulled, that Gimple fired his son just 2 weeks before his 18th birthday even though he promised the actor 3 more years of working on the show,” the petition continues.” He goes on to say that he never trusted Gimple or AMC and that his son did, making it especially heartbreaking for him to be fired.”

AMC and Gimple have not commented on why Chandler Riggs was fired.

Chandler Riggs also took to Twitter to reveal that he has cut the long hair of Carl.

As I said in my previous article about the topic, I believe Chandler Riggs will land on his feet as he has a long and successful career ahead of him.