The Walking Dead Abraham Prequel Series Teased By Michael Cudlitz?


walking dead abraham spinoff

Following Steven Yeun’s farewell message, AMC and Michael Cudlitz have revealed a farewell message for The Walking Dead Season 7.  

“I was asked if there is anything I wanted to say to my fans. Hey, guys,” Cudlitz said with a smile. “I just want to thank you all for having an affect on life, my family’s life. Hopefully we gave you guys some laughs and scared the crap out of you. Abraham’s story was told, and we move on. New characters come in, and we tell new stories. That’s why you guys are on the edge of your seat every week because it’s not the same people for six, seven, eight years. You meet new characters. The characters we love move on, and new characters move in and we fall in love with them. Some are going to come really dear to you, and some you are going to really, really, really love to hate. So have an awesome time.”

Michael Cudlitz completes his message with something rather interesting, adding: “And I’m not really going away.”

The cast then proceeds to hug Cudlitz wearing orange mustaches.

So what does Michal Cudlitz mean when he says he isn’t going away? Abraham did die in the episode, there is no questioning that. Could AMC be developing a new Walking Dead spinoff prequel series following Abraham’s time prior to meeting up with Rick? There have been talks about doing a third Walking Dead series following Fear The Walking Dead (another TWD prequel), but nothing much as of late. Abraham is a big fan-favorite, and I bet a Walking Dead series following his story would be pretty great. Let’s hope this is the case. 

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.