Vincent D’Onofrio Says Daredevil Not Getting Canceled

Vincent D'Onofrio Says Daredevil Not Getting Canceled

With Iron Fist and Luke Cage getting canceled, there has been speculation Daredevil and the other Marvel Netflix shows might get the axe, but Vincent D’Onofrio says otherwise.

A fan remarked to the Kingpin actor on Twitter that “they are cancelling them,” which saw Vincent D’Onofrio reply with a simple, “Nope.”

A recent report suggested that the Marvel Netflix shows might be canceled, including Daredevil, due to the social media buzz surrounding them having plummeted. It’s thought that since Netflix doesn’t release official ratings, that social media buzz is the next best thing to measure viewership; so since social media buzz dropped that must mean viewership dropped as well.

In addition, with Disney launching their own streaming service next year, it is thought that Netflix won’t want to put out any more Marvel shows, with it also known that the Netflix MCU movie deal ends with Infinity War.

Currently, Netflix does have additional seasons in the works for Jessica Jones and Punisher, but the future of Daredevil is uncertain, as the showrunner recently admitted he doesn’t know what is up regarding a potential Season 4.

The good news with Vincent D’Onofrio coming out and offering Daredevil isn’t going to get canceled obviously implies future seasons, which could air either on Netflix or jump over to the Disney Play streaming app.

Daredevil Season 3 is now on Netflix.