Vincent D’Onofrio Would Play Lex Luthor


Vincent D’Onofrio, Marvel TV’s version of Kingpin, offers up he would like to play Lex Luthor if given the chance.

A fan questioned Vincent D’Onofrio on Twitter if he had a chance to play another character in Daredevil, who would it be?    

Vincent D’Onofrio replied, “I wouldn’t. I’d jump over to DC and play Lex.”

Fans then responded with overwhelming support.

There is question that Netflix might be canceling the Marvel TV shows, which includes Daredevil, possibly due to low viewership or because Disney is launching their own competitive streaming service, so maybe  Vincent D’Onofrio could jump ship? It’s also possible that since Henry Cavill might be done as Superman that WB might be axing Zack Snyder’s choice to play Lex Luthor with Jesse Eisenberg, which many fans weren’t happy with, so a new Lex actor might be needed. As some fans also commented, if there can be two Jokers, as the Joaquin Phoenix version is a standalone story, why not a separate out of continuity Lex Luthor with Vincent D’Onofrio?

Worth a mention is that Vincent D’Onofrio said Daredevil isn’t getting canceled.

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