Venom 2 Shows Off Carnage Orphanage


We get a behind-the-scenes look at Venom 2 as director Andy Serkis is spotted filming scenes at what looks to be the orphanage Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, grew up.   

The second pic reveals “St. Estes Orphans” and “Home for Unwanted Children.”

In the comics, Cletus Kasady grew up at the St. Estes Home for Boys orphanage before going on to become a serial killer who eventually bonds with the Carnage symbiote.

Here is the history on the orphanage from the comics:

This mansion estate, now in ruins, is where Cletus Kasady grew up as a child. A number of years ago, a fire gutted the institution resulting in the death of its disciplinarian administrator. Although no evidence was found, it is suspected that Cletus Kasady may have had something to do with the fire. When Kasady became the super-villain known as Carnage, he had his first encounter with Spider-Man in this building.

The pics reveal what looks to be a rather creepy and horror-looking atmosphere, with rumors and speculation offering that since the R-rated Joker movie performed so well at the box office, that Sony may also give Venom 2 an R-rating.

Venom 2 gets released on October 2, 2020 also starring Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris.

Venom 2 Andy Serkis and Carnage orphanage:

Update: Image has been removed from Twitter.

Carnage Orphange