Uncanny X-Force Was Supposed To Be A Movie Says Jeff Wadlow


Details are learned about a once planned X-Force trilogy that would have featured an adaptation of the popular Uncanny X-Force team and comic from Marvel by Rick Remender.

Filmmaker Jeff Wadlow revealed that the X-Force script he was writing and potentially going to direct would have adapted the early X-Force Liefeld comics and then the third film in the trilogy would have adapted the Uncanny X-Force comic.

“I plotted out this three-movie arc that took X-Force from what it was in the 90s, with Rob Liefeld with a band of kids fighting for what they believe in, and then by the third film, the group basically turned into Rick Remender’s version of the X-Force in the early 2000s,” Wadlow told CBM. “That was a much darker hit squad and black ops team who had lost their way over the course of the three films.”

Wadlow continued by offering his take on X-Force would have been different than the X-Men who grew up under the tutelage of Professor Xavior, as Wadlow questioned what would happen to those mutants who didn’t benefit from an education at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

“What about the mutants that have to go to public school?” Wadlow said. “What about the ones who don’t have the benefactor looking out for them, and what about the kids who have to figure it out on their own? We then would have introduced that darker, more militant mentor in the form of Cable.”

x force cable concept art

X-Force could still happen

As we all know, Fox decided against going forward with X-Force, went with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, as well as Cable in Deadpool 2 and some form of X-Force in the sequel, but Wadlow’s version of a trilogy does, a lot like the comics, sounds pretty awesome and BA.  

Disney now owns the property and all the characters with the latest being that Deadpool 3 is in development for MCU Phase 5 where it could very well be possible that it’s a Deadpool 3 X-Force movie, but we still have to wait and see as an official announcement from Marvel Studios has yet to be made. 

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