TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 7 “Imperfect Circles” (CBS)



The birth of Julia’s neighbor’s baby, coming about after she touches the dome, is hardly enough to balance the body count on Monday night’s Under the Dome, and yet it is the infant in which we are most interested. Any pink stars in those baby blankets?
This episode is another one that concentrates on events around the events of those inside the come, yet never forgets the half-sphere (or is it a sphere?) is close and effecting.
Alice takes a turn for the worse and later passes, just as the neighbor’s baby is born. Before, seizure teens Norrie and Joe discover a great black egg under a mini-dome and the egg tells Norrie to seek out her mom (dying Alice).
I have been worried about Ollie Dinsmore ever since Big Jim gave him the evil eye last week after holding his well over the city official’s head. Well, Jim got him some good ol‘ Kentucky Bourbon (or something), got drunk and burned Ollie’s propane and the guy guarding it. Just set him in fire!
Catching up with last week’s cliffhanger, Sheriff Linda and Deputy Junior went after the Dundee brothers for murdering Rose and raping Angie. The latter change caused Junior to turn the manhunt into a blood vengeance and, presto, more bodies!
Oh yeah, Joe and Angie, brother and sister, finally reunite. Strange; they really didn’t seem to miss each other.
The episode is a little bit of a letdown after last week, but we have high hopes for this great summer series.
Apparently, viewers and CBS do too.
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