Tom Hiddleston Might Not Return For Thor 3?



Something seems amiss in the land of Asgard as Loki’s glorious purpose may be coming to an end.

Josh Whedon recently let it be known that Marvel initially told him Tom Hiddleston was unavailable for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron; however, when Whedon talked to the actor himself, Hiddleston agreed to do the movie — but Marvel cut Hiddleston’s scene anyway.

Now having Loki featured in Thor 3 seems to be up in the air as well, and this is after Kevin Feige already confirmed Hiddleston for Thor 3.

Tom Hiddleston’s latest movie, Crimson Peak, hits next month, and Coming Soon talked with the actor about Loki, who mentioned he doesn’t even know if Loki is going to happen again.

You know, I don’t know. I think I won’t be able to help it if I ever play him again, and I just don’t know when that’s gonna happen, if that’s gonna happen. 

It’s possible Hiddleston could just be playing coy, as the actor does mention he has talked with Chris Hemsworth.

 I would never lose [Loki’s] dimension, but it’s so interesting. I’ve talked with Chris Hemsworth, how those characters have changed as we’ve changed. It’s five years ago since I played him for the first time. That’s a long time ago. So who knows what I’ll be cooking up!

Tom Hiddleston also responds “maybe” when it’s mentioned Loki will have more tricks up his sleeve, which may point to Hiddleston’s return as the Asgardian Trickster not being guaranteed.

Almost a year ago saw Kevin Feige confirm that Tom Hiddleston would be returning for Thor: Ragnarok when Marvel announced their Phase 3 slate of movies, so perhaps our worries are unfounded, but at one time there was even talk of a Loki movie (at least among the fans), and with Loki being cut from Avengers 2, Marvel seems to be missing the boat. Additional Loki scenes were added to Thor: The Dark World, so it could be possible Loki was cut from Avengers 2 as to not to oversaturate the character’s appearances; however, can there ever be enough of Loki?

“Crimson Peak” hits October 15, 2015; “Thor: Rangarok” has a November 3, 2017 release.