Tom Hardy Wants To Play The Punisher



With Tom Hardy having to bow out of Suicide Squad due to scheduling issues, perhaps the Bane actor can head to greener pastures over at the direct competition.

While speaking with Collider, Hardy offered he wants to play The Punisher, or even a role for a Splinter Cell movie adaptation of the video game.

I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want.

Hardy goes on to comment that he may be too short for the role of the Punisher, but offers he still would like to do it.

I’m not big enough to be The Punisher, I’m 5’9” [Laughs].

Frank Castle, I would love it.

After watching Tom Hardy in Warrior, my personal pick is for Hardy to be the new Wolverine as Fox looks to be rebooting the X-Men.