Tom Hardy Venom Symbiote Leaks?

Tom Hardy Venom Symbiote Leaks?

A possible look at the Tom Hardy Venom symbiote may have leaked online.

An image has surfaced from what looks to be a movie promotion with Brisk Iced Tea.

The art for the bottle happens to feature the symbiote for the Brisk Iced Tea Venom flavored Dark Cherry Limeade.

While it is possible the art could simply be a placeholder (or fake), but if is legit, it at least offers that Sony will be promoting the movie using the symbiote.

Update: Sony contacted us and asked that it be taken down. I whipped up the following mock-up. The bottle art features the Brisk logo, the Venom movie logo, the eye from the poster, and the teeth were a bit more open and didn’t feature as many, but this is pretty close:


Original article continues:

A recent rumor suggested the Venom symbiote wouldn’t be featured in the movie, which saw Tom Hardy take to Instagram to shoot down, and now this art suggests that, yes, the symbiote will be featured in the film.

Hopefully this means an official look at the symbiote will be released soon as well as the Venom trailer as the film opens in six months.

Details regarding the plot of the movie includes that Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock who investigates the Life Foundation.

In the comics, the Life Foundation is a group that created a fallout shelter to protect their wealthy clients in the case of a nuclear holocaust. In order to protect their planned Utopian future, the group created five symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom: Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Scream.

The Life Foundation members include Carlton Drake who extracted the five symbiote seeds from Venom; Mr. Gabriel; Mr. MacVay; Mr. Pullman; Ms. Caputo; Roland Treece, and making up the five symbiotes: Donna Diego (Scream), Ramon Hernandez (Lasher), Leslie Gesneria (Agony), Trevor Cole (Riot) and Carl Mach (Phage).

Venom has an October 5, 2018 release date directed by Ruben Fleischer also starring Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Jenny Slate and Riz Ahmed.