Todd McFarlane Reveals Spawn / Batman Crossover That Never Happened


Todd McFarlane recently took to his Facebook page to reveal art for a Spawn/Batman crossover that never happened.

Greg Capullo was going to be on art chores and even did a promo piece.

Check out the details:

Just like BIGFOOT…here’s that mysterious comic book creature, the Spawn – Batman crossover that NO ONE has EVER SEEN!!!!!

Years ago there was a deal for DC Comics and myself to do a cool Batman/Spawn cross-over book (for those not hip to comic lingo, that’s a book in which both characters are in the same issue). I to to have written and inked it, while a talented penciller, Greg Capullo, was going to draw it. for a variety of reasons (mostly on my shoulders) the book never got off the ground, but a few pages and promo pieces were done for it. Below is one such piece drawn by Greg and inked by myself.

*** This story is different than an earlier version of Spawn/Batman that Frank Miller wrote and I drew. ***

And in a bit of fate: Years later, Mr. Capullo would take over the artistic drawing reins for the caped crusader and he would be the next hot shot artist on DC Comics’ BATMAN comic! Which is usually at the top of the best selling comics each month (ably written by Scott Snyder).

Anyway, I came across this cool cover the other day and thought that it was too good not to share.