Titans: Who Is The Mystery Character?


WB continues filming the new live-action Titans series, with even more set images hitting the net.

The latest images feature Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson in the Robin costume along with Alan Ritchson as Hawk.

A third Titans set pic is presently a mystery, with my first impression being a jacked up version of The Flash?

So who could the mystery Titans character really be? 

A quick check on Teen Titans villains on Google brings up Brother Blood.

In the comics, there are different versions of Brother Blood and some wear a red suit, but I swear the character looks like he is wearing a Flash mask, which is probably just because of the shape of the eyes and mouth. The Brother Blood character that the Titans encounter in the comics is the eight version, with each new version having had to kill their predecessor. The character attempts to convert people to his cause in an effort to rule the world, which leads him into confrontation with the Titans.

If not Brother Blood, than who? It’s not Hawk, is it??

The question also came up on our Facebook page about when the Titans trailer will be released. I’m guessing the Titans trailer will be released at this Summer’s Comic-Con as filming is still underway and the series is set to premiere later this year on the new DC digital streaming network.

Brother Blood:

Brother Blood