Thunderbolts Asterisk: ‘Things Change’ Says Olga Kurylenko

There is all kinds of speculation what the asterisk means but the Taskmaster actress does confirm changes.

thunderbolts asterisk changes

This past April at CinemaCon saw the surprise announcement of some apparent big change to the Thunderbolts movie as Kevin Feige revealed an updated title card featuring an asterisk.

While it was thought by some fans the asterisk meant a title change, Kevin Feige confirmed they are still using “Thunderbolts” for the title but Feige said, “We won’t talk about the asterisk until after release.”

There is currently all kinds of speculation what that means: possibly a sequel or a subtitle such as “Thunderbolts: Dark Avengers” or since it has been reported all the characters die at the end of the movie, maybe something else.

While promoting the upcoming release of Chief of Station, Olga Kurylenko, who returns as Taskmaster from Black Widow, confirmed changes for Thunderbolts.

“Well, they changed a couple of things. [Laughs] That’s all I can say, but that also doesn’t say anything, because obviously every movie is different, and in every movie, things change. But yeah, it will be different, we’ll see. There’s nothing I can say. [Laughs],” she filled in Screen Rant.

Thunderbolts concept art by Andy Park
‘Thunderbolts’ concept art by Andy Park

Regarding those changes, much like most of the recent MCU projects, it’s known the flick has gone through at least three writers.

It’s also known the cast has changed as the original plan was to have Steven Yeun play the MCU’s Sentry, but Yeun dropped out for some reason, with the more comic book accurate looking actor Lewis Pullman cast as Robert Reynolds, aka The Sentry.

Thunderbolts gets released on May 2, 2025 directed by Jake Schreier and stars Florence Pugh as Yelena, Rachel Weisz as Melina, Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier; Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent; Olga Kurilenko as Taskmaster; David Harbour as Red Guardian, and Hannah John-Kamen returns as Ghost, with Lewis Pullman as Robert Reynolds The Sentry.

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